Gluten-free Kebabs

Gluten free kebabs are a wonderfully versatile lunchbox idea, using whatever fruit or veggies you have to hand. They are quick and easy to make, and are a gluten-free, allergy-friendly lunchbox filler.  The combinations are endless! And for those parents who struggle to get their kids to eat their 5+ fruit and veggies a day, sliding them on a stick may be just the ticket.

Feel free to experiment with different ingredients in your gluten-free kebabs, according to your children’s tastes. You can use different shaped cutters for effect, but make sure carrots are steamed slightly first so that they slide onto the skewer without breaking or splitting.

Gluten free kebabs - slices of carrots

Some foods will brown if made the night before – like apple for example. A great trick to prevent them browning, is to coat them in lemon juice, sweetened with a little coconut sugar.

Gluten free fruit kebabs - apple slices

For vegans, omit the cheese, or use a vegetarian alternative.

Slide prepared ingredients onto skewers and voila! Enjoy!

Gluten free fruit kebabs

Fruits and vegetable slices can be cut into desired shapes using small cookie cutters

To prevent browning

If using apple or other fruits that brown, coat in lemon and coconut sugar mix to prevent browning.

Slide prepared ingredients onto skewers and voila! Enjoy!

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