8 Great Ways to Use Castile Soap –
and make space in  your cupboards at the same time!

Castile soap is one of my greatest discoveries.  It’s biodegradable, and contains pure, completely natural ingredients.  With no hidden nasties, this liquid soap can be safely used by the whole family.

Before I found out about castile, I used a range of different products for my hair, hands, face, body, dishes, and household cleaners.  Nowadays, I have far fewer bottles clogging up my cupboards and far more pennies in my pocket.  That’s because castile soap is my one-stop-shop.

I use this formulation as a shampoo, hand soap, body wash, and dish-washing liquid.  It’s a staple ingredient in my household cleaning products too.  Castile soap is magic when it comes to streak-free windows and doing the laundry.  Watch this space for my favourite cleaning and toiletries recipes, using castile soap as a key ingredient. 

Used neat on stains, this wonder soap equals – if not surpasses – commercial stain removers – and costs a fraction of the price to your pocket – and to the environment.  I also use it for rinsing my fruit and veggies, as it is very effective when it comes to removing pesticides, waxes and other residues I don’t want my family consuming.

One of the best-known brands of the liquid castile formulation is Dr Bronner’s.  However, I much prefer Dr Woods’ version because it is much richer and you get far more bang for your buck.  This really is a case where it does what it says on the label:

Dr Woods Castile Soap - Buy Now

What’s more, because it’s 100% natural, this soap is completely safe for use by the entire family.  Plant-based, castile soap is extremely popular among vegetarians and vegans too.


And the good news, is that we’re now stocking Dr Woods’ brand of castile soap at the Kombucha Shop – in whopping 946ml bottles!  So do stop by and check out our Dr Woods range of yummy flavours here.

Buy Dr Woods' castile soap at the Kombucha Shop

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